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Set in the middle position the contrast and brightness.
9.Podayte signal "white and black stripes" with the generator.
10. In the service menu, set the "BCUT" and "GCUT" in most
minimal and
put "RCUT" in average.
11. In the menu the user to set the contrast and brightness
12.Na remote service LINE button to press on the screen appear
It should be yellow line.
13.Izmenyaya value "BCUT" and "GCUT", to achieve white
14.otklyuchit and connect the TV.
15.postavit required values ??color, contrast and brightness.

VI.Regulirovka subyarkosti

1. Apply a signal generator with a "colored strip".
2.postavte menu usual contrast and brightness to minimum.
3. In the menu, the service put the value of the parameter "BRTS" so,
Bright is the band was barely visible.

* * *

Service mode - input. ROLSEN C2116

Installation of factory adjustments.
1. connection mode the device is implemented with service
Special service control panel.
2. To enter the service menu you have to press the button "D" (mode
service). Then keys "-P" and "+ P" position of service menu
is selected to change the value. Change in
Parameter keys implemented '', '+'.
3. Button "p / c" M mode connects. This mode allows you to
adjust only a limited number of parameters combined with
Adjust color, geometry, contrast, brightness, AFC and AGC.
The main parameters in this mode are also adjustable straight
access to the relevant buttons and do not require connection mode
service "D". At the same keys that are relevant numerical (for
example, GCUT + 10), with pressure change value
respectively, the numerical value specified.
4. If necessary, a proper parameter modification
use the buttons "", "+ '.

* * *

AUTO TEST apparatus ROLSEN 2116

When the machine is connected a test of automatic
main components:
1. BUS (data bus)
Value indicates rows Autotest:
A microprocessor control checks the stability of the stress
18V, 9V, 24V and 115V. "With the natural potential

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