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the fourth will be AUTO TEST: OK.

2. Bus

In normal operation, when testing the data bus lines at the end
"BUS" green label "OK" is displayed. When the abnormal
The last character displayed in red __


3. Sync

If the clock in the order in self-test mode at the end of line
"SYNC" appears the symbol "OK" colored green. In the absence of
synchronization in self-test mode at the end of line "SYNC" symbol
It appears red.

* * *


microprocessor CH08T0934-5H32-3K49 marking on TMR87SM38N
video processor TB1238AN, 24S08 (24S04) memory chip Personnel
TA8403K, TDKS BSC62T, SC9028-023 control.
Go to service menu without the remote service, followed way
1. Set the volume level is equal to "O". (Certainly)
2. Hold the button on the remote "MUTE", press "MENU" button on
the front panel unit.
3. In the right corner of the screen, letter "D" light up, and in the left corner
adjustable parameter and its value will be displayed.
Modification of the parameters, yellow and blue buttons on
blue field, switching of red and green buttons ,.
Exit menu leaving the service changes to the settings on the
remote button "Stand-by".
No Parameter Value Note.
13 Average value CNTC 2B contrast
20 TNTN 30 subottenka Range - the least (difference)
14 06 CNTN smallest contrast value
26 05 SHPN smallest value definition
1 RCUT 84 cutoff red
3 BCUT 85 cutoff blue
19 TNTX 28 Subottenok -the biggest (difference)
27 TXCX 2A highest level of contrast Teletext
16 21 BRTN smallest brightness value
COLP 33 10 Average value of the chrominance (PAL)
15 BRTX 23 highest brightness level
18 00 COLN lowest level color
17 COLX 25 Colour level most
5 BDRV 48 Blue gain
9 TNTC 3A average value of hue adjustment
7 BRTC 47 average brightness value
2 GCUT D8 Trim green
25 12 Level SHPX highest definition
8 COLC 30 Average value of the color (NTSC)
28 RGCN 1E smallest contrast value teletext

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