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usual manner.
III.Regulirovka AGC
1.Podat with the generator on the RF signal -Log (frequency - Channel 69,
2. Connect the digital voltmeter between the foot and the ground tuner AGC.
3. In the service menu option "RAGC" place.
4.opredelite value "3F" and you will find the current reading of the voltmeter,
then the value of "RAGC" is reduced to reduce the readings to 0,4V
voltmeter voltmeter less than before.
Regained value "RAGC" with the best, if it
Schumann increases.
IV. Adjusting the geometry
1. at the input to the test signal generator "circle c cells."
2.Zayti menu and service with parameters HPOS, VLIN, VP50,
, Set alignment and size range of 280 +/- 2mm.
3.Pri need S-correction to make the raster (barrel distortion type) with
via VSC parameter.
V. Adjust the white balance.
1. Turn off the blue background and turn off the input signals to the menu
2.Zayti menu service
3.postavit value GCUT, RCUT, BCUT -80; BDRV, GDRV-45; BRTS -CO.
4.postavit lowest contrast and brightness.
5.postavit regulator "SCREEN" on the transformer lower case so
image was barely visible.
6.vklyuchit voltmeter on board the tube between the terminal "G2" and
Measure the voltage.
7.Podregulirovat regulator "SCREEN" so that the voltmeter
the voltage at 25V diminished.
8. In the service menu, set the "F6" value for the "BRTS"
define the contrast and brightness in the middle position.
9. post signal generator with "black and white stripes."
10. In the service menu, set the "GCUT" and "BCUT" at the very least, and
place in the average.
11. In the user menu, the brightness and contrast to deliver
12.Na remote service LINE button to press on the screen is required
line appear.
13.menyaya values ??"GCUT" and "BCUT", reach the white line.
14.potushit and connect the TV.
15.Ustanovit desired values ??brightness, color and contrast.
VI.Regulirovka subyarkosti
1. The signal "color bars" post from the generator.
2.postavte in the ordinary menu for a minimum of brightness and contrast.

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