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until 0. If displays>, it means that
accelerating high and must be reduced. In the case of display <-
accelerating voltage lower than normal and increase necessary.
7. Options and BLOR BLOG
With the help of these parameters implemented precise adjustment
the color temperature for the black region. Default values
are set equal to 32.
8. Options WPB, WPR, WPG
With these parameters fine-tune the color temperature
It carried out for the area light. Default values
is 32.
9. the AGC
This parameter is placed IF AGC reference voltage.
Need a selection of new values ??when changing the type of the channel selector.
10. Parameter VOL
With this parameter setting is fixed
the frequency of the sound on the stem 44 UOC the application processor
TDA9860 / 53 sound. By
Default value of 48 is selected. This ensures that when the deviation 27
approximately equal to the level of the signal with a signal AV.
11. Option EVG
This parameter is implemented on / off
Emergency lock RGB output processor. Status signals
alarm clock is missing or its personnel
certain inadequacies.
12. Option XDT
This parameter is implemented on / off
X = ray
For the protection trip signal is the appearance at the output
pulse is not less than 1 microsecond. with an amplitude of more than 3.5V. In this
The unit switches to standby mode. Default XDT = 1.
13. Option BCF
This parameter is implemented on / off
Health ABB (auto white balance). By
Default BCF
= 1.
14. Option OSO
With this option, the choice of method is implemented
Sweep personnel. When set to 1 OSO trip
TV standby mode will be accompanied by Gone beam
area of ??the screen with the discharge current of the tube constant. By
Default OSO
= 1.
15. Option AGN
This parameter is implemented on / off
signal amplification sound taken from the ends 44 and 22 of the UOC Cm.
technical information in AN01043 p. 37, AN01047 p. 31.
Default AGN = 0.
16. Setting IE2
This parameter is implemented enabling / disabling
applying external signals R, G, B (terminals 45 ... 48). If IE2 = 1,

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