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in this case, the apparatus configuration can be applied
signals R,
G, B from external sources.
Default IE2 = 1.
17. ACL settings
Technology ACL settings can be used for the purposes of
Do not advise to put ACL = 1 for standard SECAM. Default
18. Option IF
With this parameter setting is implemented the frequency inverter.
OIRT standard should be the value IF = 3 to determine the frequency of 38 MHz
defining. Default = 03 IF.
19. Option AGCs
This parameter is implemented election rate
AGC setting the channel selector. By default AGCs = 01.
20. Option FFI
This parameter is implemented permanent injunction
Filter time IFPLL. Default FFI = 0.
21. Parameter PF
This parameter is implemented for the election of frequency
adjust the definition. By default, PF = 01.
22. Option RPO
With this option, the size of the election gets underway
wavefront luminance signal to adjust the definition. By
Default RPO = 03.
23. Option BKS
This parameter is implemented on / off
level correction function "black" in unusual signals
24. the AV2
This parameter is implemented configuration TV
Sources include 2 AV - and it AV2 AV1. When installing AV2 = 1
in TV
configuration is adjusted to include the two signal sources
Default = 1 AV2.
25. Option AVS
This parameter is implemented machine configuration,
providing for the inclusion of the source S-VHS. To
configuring unit to the presence of S-VHS connector need
set AV2 = 1 and AVS = 1. Default AVS = 0.
26. The parameter INS
This parameter is implemented on / off
headphone volume control bar. Adjusting
head phones need when using the sound processor with TDA9860
an additional power amplifier.
27. Option EYE
This parameter is implemented on / off
adjusting automatic feature image depending on
28. Option FSL
This parameter is implemented to set the level
If FSL is equal to 0, then the value of the synchronization is established
automatically depending on the noise detector. If FSL is equal to 1,

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