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Entrance to the service: The volume on the TV control panel to "0" + on
remote control
Button "Display".

* * *

ST 2939 (5N11 chassis).

Turn off TV, press on the control panel "VOL +" and "VOL-" and
connect the TV.

* * *


For this model needs REMOTE SERVICE.

* * *

ST29F1 (5N10 chassis).

Menu №1. Turn off TV, press on the unit "VOL +" and
"VOL-" and
connect the TV.
Menu №2. Turn off TV, press on the control panel "PRG +" and
"PRG-" and
connect the TV.

* * *

ST29SF1 (5P60 chassis).

Push the button on the remote control one by one: CLOCK - PM - Timer.
Exit: Button show the program number.

* * *

ST1401, ST1402 (M28 chassis).

Entry into service: the volume on the unit to "0" + on
remote control
Button "Display".
Exit: "OK" Factory OFF.

* * *


Entering the service menu: Volume on the unit to "0" +
key "Display" on the remote control. Exit: "OK" Factory OFF.

* * *

SEG. ST7800

. To enter the service menu on the remote control you need to press the button: MENU,
INSTALL, 4, 7, 2, 5.

* * *

SELECO. 25/21 / 28SS564 (BS950 chassis).

Jumper 31 on the output processor C11 lead overall. Press on the remote control
button P / C. EXIT: TELETEXT

* * *

Apparatus SIERRA SG1420N

(PAL-SECAM, DK firmware)
SAA5531PS / M4 / 0329 processor control. STV2246C:
The video processor.
EEPROM: 24C04.

Entrance to the service menu:

Close 3608 Tagged SERVIS resistor to ground (near the CPU
Control is installed). Connect the TV network button. AT
left seem S. Service menu by press the OSD button
on the remote control. Use the
"P +" and "P-" elect "SIS OP" and keys "V +" and "V-" to put
the value of 03 (for connecting the PAL-SECAM, DK).
Then you need to put a filter (instead of already installed) 38.0 MHz
pass normal color system and SECAM DK-sound, and

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