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. To enter the menu you need to do the following 1. the unit - in
stand-by (standby mode) with the remote. 2. Turn off the power button
3. Hold the teletext button on the remote, connect the network
TV. 4. After switching to Full mode svetodioda- how you got there

  • Red, green?), let go of the button Teletext. 5. If

work, all the same, but in step 4, release the button and the teletext
Briefly press again quickly.

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Ingredients: 30001 CCU control processor, video processor VDP 3108A, memory - 24S16SV1.
LF -In most
HF in the least
Push the button simultaneously lowering the volume on the TV
and remote reset button.

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TV UNITED utv21x42, servise mode.

Chassis unit 12.7. Processor SDA5535 A071.
Evaporate UHF programs and personnel narrowed.
Open the image by remote control used with a TV, and dial the number buttons of the remote 9301.
To exit the service menu push the button 0.
Red, green, yellow and blue buttons are used for setting the white balance, geometry of the drive and the menu, respectively.
Press MENU, then 9301.

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(Odessa, D52 chassis). Sign in service menu.
Ingredients: processor TDA9381 / PS / N3 / 1/1873, TDA 8357, TEA1506, HOT - ST1803DHI.
4th line processor: TELEKARD_V1.0.
The chassis D52 (or "mono V5")
The menu line of the service there.
By pinovke as a processor by Knight or Horizon. FROM
keyboard port, pin 7, the divider is to the service connector.
Look at the service connector X1, Jumper feet 3 and 6. Near the connector
(trail of the front panel keypad) contacts the service entrance
I found - connector X2. True, this is the 3, 6 conclusions.

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TV VIDIMAX 74tts 721-dt-p60 (VD2960TF)

, how to get into the service menu.

TV poured some water, the sound to the maximum scale adjustable from inside and out. Collapsed on the image frame. Ask firmware from SCHNIDER 25E06, everything went, but only resized. Please tell us the entrance to the service menu.

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