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Ingredients: processor VCT3831A, sound - MPS3465G, memory -24S16, VLF - TDA8944J, personnel STV8172A, power supply unit: MC - 4460BP40 transistor: K2996 lowercase: TDKS BSK 29-0179B, transistor D3402.
Entrance to the service menu in this unit: The menu includes English, get out of the menu, press CAPS, press the button and then press REVEAL. All you have to do the master of freedom for fantasy.

* * *


The device is created on a processor TDA9351PS / N3 / 3 CF1997 CF1660
Since this DVD deuce, the information processor TDA9351 a TV version does not godyatsya.V search found nothing.
Entrance to the service menu:
MUTE, then CALL, then - / - -, then CALL, and finally MUTE.
Exit service button EXIT.

* * *

LCD TV Vitek-5010. Entrance to the service menu.

TV Vitek-5010 7-inch LCD. A sound system instead of the BG / DK became 5.5 M; 6.0; 6.5.
To select the service menu VT -5002, VT -5007:
1) Initially, push «Power», turn off the machine;
2) push MUTE, then CALL, then TIMER and finally, REVIEW;
3) Press TIMER, then FACTORY, then B / W BALANCE and finally, ADJUST MENU;
4) Browse pages button MUTE,
5) The selection is realized buttons: CH +/- and VOL +/-
To select the service menu VT -5009:
1. push the button MENU;
2. Start code: 8626 -up to the left corner of the raster there inscription TEST;
3. scroll to ten points, push button MUTE;
4. Click the button to select the Volume + / Volume- and CH + / CH-;
5. If you turn off the unit - settings saved.
VT-5010, modification screen:
1) Connect the TV, push button "VOL-" twice, and at the same time push button "reverse". Then you will get in "service mode"
2) Press and hold the button "TIMER", you will get to the menu to modify the logo.

* * *

TV West PF29E91

, entry into service.

Chassis CN-18EA, TMA8827 processor.
Entry into service: the volume set to 0, press on the remote MUTE, on television keyboard -MENU

* * *

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