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1. Remove from the tin legs "IF".
2. Connect the signal "color band" (intermediate frequency
3.krutite core transformer T101 before the pictures
colored stripes "on the screen.
4. In the service menu, set the option "SELF VCO".
5.nadavite button on the remote service "AFT OK". *
6.spustya a few seconds, the screen will arise inscription "AFT OK"
If you have a remote control button does not have this service, set for AFC
ordinary method.

III.Regulirovka AGC

1. Connect to RF signal generator with -vhozhdenie (frequency -69,
level 62db).
2.Turn digital voltmeter between the foot and the ground tuner AGC.
3. In the service menu, set the option "RAGC".
4. Set the value of "3F" and you will find the current reading of the voltmeter,
then subtract the value of "RAGC" to reduce the readings
voltmeter on
0,4V less old voltmeter. Measured at the same time
"RAGC" the best, if it does not increase the noise level.

IV. Adjusting the geometry

1. Connect the antenna to the generator c "c circle cells' signal
2.Voyti menu and service with parameters HPOS, HITS, VLIN,
set alignment and size range of 280 +/- 2mm.
3. When necessary to produce S-correction of the raster (like a barrel
through setting VSC.

V. White Balance Adjustment

1.Otklyuchit input signals and turn off the blue background to the menu
2.Voyti menu service
3. Set the value BDRV -45; GCUT, RCUT, BCUT -80; GDRV, BRTS

  • CO.

4. Set the minimum brightness and contrast.
5. Set the regulator "SCREEN" on the transformer lower case so
the image was barely visible.
6.Podklyuchit voltmeter between the "G2" on the board and the tube
Measure the voltage.
7.Otregulirovat "SCREEN" controller so that on the voltmeter
decreased by 25V
8. In the service menu, set the "BRTS" value "F6" and
set the contrast and brightness in the middle position.
9.Podklyuchite signal generator "white and black stripes."
10. In the service menu, set the "GCUT" and "BCUT" at the very least, and

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