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Х group sound adjustments - Pos. 6-8 ;
Х Group selection system - item 9.10 ;
Х a group of raster geometry adjustment and other adjustments - REF.
Х a group of white balance settings and picture tube (CRT) - pos. 20-25 ;
Х Group parameter adjustments additional images - Pos. 26-33 {PIP
ADJ MODE). Note . To enter the group settings , press the CRT off timer (©) on the remote control and press the FUNC button on the front panel.
To return to normal TV mode of adjusting any parameter , press the N button on the remote control . To exit the setup mode to normal mode kinescope press twice button N.

Setting RF ACC ( AGC level tuner )

The specified configuration is necessary after replacing the tuner.
To the antenna input of the TV with the generator of television signals fed vertical color bars signal level 63 dB at 75 ohms .
Connect voltmeter DC voltage to the control point on the chassis TRE1 TV.
Adjustable parameter RF achieve a situation where the voltmeter maximal just before a sharp drop voltage .

Adjusting the contrast and brightness

The specified configuration is necessary after replacing the CRT , or after changing the electrical characteristics of the CRT due to aging , as well as other elements of the TV , e chains located brightness and contrast.
To the antenna input of the TV with television signals generator signal is fed vertical color bars . Oscilloscope connected to the control point TRE38 (G-OUT).
In user mode, set the average levels of color , brightness and contrast . Establish a temporary jumper between checkpoints and TRE32 TRE35 .
After its installation pay attention to the fact that in this case prohibited to operate the system current limiting rays ( OTL iliABL ) kinescope , so to avoid damage kineskopavse subsequent adjustment is carried out as quickly as possible .
Change parameter adjusting BRIGHT ( table item 3 e ) seek to level the "pedestal " (Fig. 1) the video was 2.6 6 ( monitored on an oscilloscope screen ) . Then change the parameter adjusting CONTRAST clamoring to between " pedestal " and the maximum level of the video signal voltage was 3.7 6 /

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