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After adjustments remove temporary jumper.

Setting the white balance

The specified configuration is necessary after replacing the CRT or after a change in its electrical characteristics due to aging , as well as other elements of the TV located in circuits brightness and contrast.
In user mode, set adjust color and contrast to the middle position . The input TV signal of the white area is fed , whereupon the contrast adjustment in the position at which the image is barely visible on the screen , or at a minimum.
Connect the oscilloscope to the test point on the board TPY7 L ( output video amplifier green). Go to Preset mode brightness BR ( item 23 in the table) . Change the value of the selected parameter to the level of the lower border of the signal on the oscilloscope screen was equal to 195 ( Fig. 2)
While the inscription «BR» on the screen does not go out , click on PDUknopku off timer .
After that, the center of the screen should appear horizontal stripe . ParametrovR_ adjustment , G_, B_ ( key in Table 20-22 ) Fig.2 clamoring to horizontal green line on the screen was barely visible.
Then change the parameter values ??and R_ B_ achieve uniform staining white horizontal line tsvetom.Esli white horizontal stripes was not achieved , re- perform the previous adjustment. To exit from a horizontal band in full screen mode , press the timer again .
In full screen mode , and adjust parameters R_ B_ ( key 24, 25 in the table) so that the entire field of the screen was marred uniform white



. This chassis has the ability to self-test . To call a self-test mode , press simultaneously OFF Timer button on the remote and press the VOL (-) on the TV.
After which the TV will enter the self-test and displays a message on the screen , which is shown in Figure 1

What do these data. 1 (+ ) check EEROM (IC1205) plus indicates that everything is OK , 2 ( + ) Verify microprocessor teletext 3 (+) Checking tuner.

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