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Warning: TV model without teletext show option 2 ( -) .
Next, you need to make the installation options.
1.Install the color saturation and sharpness to the minimum
2 . Press the OFF Timer on the remote control and the F button on the TV.
Image appears ? as shown in Figure 2

3 . Select the desired option UP / DOWN buttons on the remote control .
4 . Select the decimal value buttons 0-7 .
5 . Click on the STR ??to store the changes.
6. To exit TEST press F.


Chassis Z7. TX-21K1T / R, TX-21K2T, TX-14K1T, TC-14K1R, TX-14K2T, TX-21JTP3.

Select channel 60 , and simultaneously press buttons (VOL-) and (OFF TIMER).
Remember values ??(STORE). Exit (NORMAL)


Chassis Z8. TX-21CK1.

Select 99 SHERPNESS set to minimum. Press and hold the remote control (MUTE).
Press TV button on the keyboard (Y). Output (NORMAL)


PANASONIC Z-M3L ( translation) :
Harmonization of procedures and installation options
Entering service mode
Service input mode by selecting "Mute" key and remote local " down " at the same time sharpening DAC value
Minimum and programs chosen position 99.
Service mode 2 is selected by pressing Recall remote key in the service mode 1.
Service mode navigation

  • Up / Down remote keys : cycle through the available service points.
  • / + Delete keys : Decrement / Increment value within the range.
  • TV / AV: Keep the current data.
  • 0 - 7 digital buttons : switch the bits 0-7 in option byte ( service mode 2).

Sub- Color: Install sub-colour to 16 years.
Sub- Brightness: Set the sub-colour to 33.
G2 -align: Before entering the service mode , recall the nominal
Photo Setup : Remote key "N".
From this setting , an increase of brightness by 11 steps and sharpness decrease to a minimum.
Tune color bar signal Prg 99 and start mode SVC. In SVC mode , select "G2" point and click - or + key to remote control software off the vertical offset . The user can then adjust the voltage on G2 FBT, to find the point where the LED ON.

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