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1. Selecting Market Mode
Adjust the volume of "zero" and went the TIMER to 30 minutes .
Then , simultaneously press the recall button on the remote control and the volume down button - TV set .
2 . CHK Mode selection
The cursor moves to each CHK mode by pressing the "1" or "2"
10 key buttons on the remote control .
3 . Press the self-test button
Press Vol. down buttons on the front panel with press off timer on the remote control .
1. Signal Reception Bar color with color "OFF", and control the TV for more than 30 minutes.
2 . Set a picture menu "DYNAMIC normal" and AI. Without sound.
3 . Connect the oscilloscope to TPL7 at constant current .
4 . Set the TV to the market Mode: White balance correction (CHK 3).
5 . Screen VR: Min.
6. Set this level RGB CUT OFF / DRIVE and SUB BRIGHT.


Chassis M17.

1.Install volume 0 .
2 . Simultaneously press (RECALL) button on the remote control and (VOL-) on the front panel .
Set the volume to a minimum , and press the OFF timer OFF TIMER on the remote control . Then click on the button at the same time recall RECALL button on the remote control and decrease the volume on the TV front panel .
In this case the display shows the options menu adjustments CHK1 ... SNK4 . Selecting the desired menu by moving the cursor by pressing 1 or 2 on the remote control .
These TVs exists self-test mode , in which the automatic check of memory chips controlled by a digital bus , and checking option codes . To activate simultaneously press the off timer OFF TIMER button on the remote control and decrease the volume .
TV switches to automatic testing and the results of this test are displayed.
After replacing the NVRAM must initialize the memory , ie rewrite it from the CPU core to install the TV , this set the jumper between terminal 3 ( TRA4 ) chips IC1231 and the housing and turn the power on the TV.
The data from the microprocessor chip memory can be rewritten . Then turn mode MARKET MODE. After initialization , remove the jumper .

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