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NVRAM is used to store the TV microprocessor system constants , as well as for storing various variables.
In case of failure of memory chips IC1211 should be initialized ( reflash ) .
To do this, install a jumper between the reference point TRA14 ( pin 3 chip IC1213) and earth ground . Include TV switch. At this moment the initial initialization memory chips ( written system constants and initial values ??of the variables ) , and a TV enters pre-delivery inspection MARKET MODE
Then remove the jumper .
3 . Pre-delivery inspection regime MARKET MODE
In playback mode, you can enter MARKET MODE in two ways:
• After initialization memory chips IC1211 ( see § 2) ;
• normal operation of the TV. In this case, set the minimum value of the volume and press the mute button on the remote control timer . Then simultaneously press the RECALL button remote control and decrease the volume on the TV front panel .
Appears on the TV one of the modes MARKET MODE, called variant or submodes normal installation CHK1
Order transition in various submodes MARKET MODE ( CHK1 - SNK5 and horizontal line ) is shown in Fig . 3 Submodes CHK1 - SNK5 selected sequentially around the ring : "2" button remote control clockwise and pressing " 1" remote control counterclockwise.
SNKZ of submodes by pressing button "5" remote control select the horizontal line. Exiting horizontal line is the same button.
Exiting MARKET MODE made ??powering the TV.
ZL Submode installation SKK1 Fig . 4 shows an image on the TV screen in this submode submode SNK1.V have 5 ready-made initial settings (each - different numerical values ??) . For each model, the value of each TV
position is fixed. Parameters are selected volume buttons remote control and keep pressing " O" remote.
3.2. Submode settings VCJ SNK2
In this submode adjust parameters listed in Table . 1.
Adjusting parameter selection is made using the " 3" and " 4" RC and the trend - the volume buttons remote.
3.3. Submode white balance settings SNKZ
In this submode adjust parameters listed in Table . 2 . Adjusting parameter selection is made using the " 3" and " 4" RC and its change - adjustment buttons thunder bones remote.

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