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(VOL) to a minimum , (OFF TIMER) for 30 minutes , (VOL-) + (+).
( 1), ( 2) - choice of menus CHK1-CHK4
(3 ), ( 4) - menu
(VOL + / -) - modification


Firm model PANASONIC TX-21AD2C

also uses
opportunities for self I2C bus TV. Automatically checks the device you want to run a self-test by pressing on the front panel simultaneously with the F button STATUS on the remote control .
The microprocessor will check the I2C bus and generate on-screen message on the findings. If instead of dashes appear OK , the validator is not responding . Table . 2 lists some of the values ??of numbers of faults and defective components .
This table is also suitable for models TX-29A3C and TX-25A3C. But in order to run them in self-test mode , press the TV front panel button simultaneously with V- knopkoyOFF TIMER on the remote control .
Table 2
Phone fault component Transcription ( faulty item ,
1 Tuner Tuner
2 VIF Interim video frequency
6 VDP Videoprocessor
7 TRU processor Teletext
8 MSP Audio Processor
10 Dolby Dolby IC chip
23 DEFL Scan


Service mode TV «Panasonic TX-25GF85T»

To enter the service mode, turn on the TV , it is heated for about 15 minutes and then simultaneously press the RECALL () on the remote control (RC ) and the volume down button on the front panel .
TV enters the service mode , and its screen displays " SNK ".
To enter the adjustment mode , press the function key (FUNC) on the front panel . After that, the screen will show the first parameter adjustment - COLOUR ( color adjustment ) .
Change the parameter value made ??the volume button on the remote control or on the front panel . Subsequent selection of PID parameters is carried out in the ring button FUNC. The table shows the main parameters of the service adjustment mode .
It should be noted that the adjustment parameters are grouped into :
• a group of major adjustments positions 1-5 in the table ;

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