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TV PHILIPS 14pt1548/01

TE1.1E Shassis, multisystem machine. Ingredients: processor TDA 9351 PS/N3/2/1692 p1 PRX 47 CE 3224 TELRA_ P14, Memory : 24WC16L.
TDKS: 1142 7027A.
Entering the service menu: From the remote control to dial 06 , wait 2c pause , pause to wait 25 , 96 wait for a pause , I +.


TV PHILIPS 21PT5307/60,

Chassis S L01.1A AC. Processor -TDA9552H/N1/3I/1410, fourth line -L01AT61.1, pamyat24S16WP .
Entering the service menu : SDM: 062 596 MENU / SAM: 062,596 OSD / STATUS. Sound - multi.
SECAM - there . Russian language is.



TV PHILIPS 28PT4456/00

CPU SAA5564PS/M3/0/81
VIDEO TDA8843 S1 --- PAL
Substitution on TDA8844 S1 --- PAL / SECAM
Entrance to the service must be closed contacts : (GND) and (SMD-servise mode) and turn on the TV network
5-15 seconds, open the contacts .



closure on the connector pin 2,3 0356 entered the Service default
closure on the connector pin 2,1 0356 entered into Service mode

PHILIPS 25PT8303 (S7E)

Login : simultaneously press the "?" and "sleep" under the hood.

Service mode TV PHILIPS chassis L01.1E AA

TV chassis firm PHILIPS L01, IE AA already discussed in the pages of our magazine (see "Repair & Service ї, є 10 . 2004). Continuing the theme of the service we offer to meet with the regime of the chassis and to master its hardware and software adjustments.
Televisions collected chassis L01.1E AA can be transferred to the following service faces .

  • Leveling service is the default mode (SDAM);
  • Client service mode (CSM).

Service mode SDAM serves the following purposes;
Х Creation of Sun 's i poem- ??plants of all chassis components for the measurement of electrical settings and chassis
Х lock protection scheme
Х Starting the flashing LED for fault diagnosis ;
Х installation options ;
Х display / clear codes error buffer ;
Х alignment settings. Service mode for adjustments C.SM chassis is not used and its options are read-only .


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