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SDAM service mode sets the following mode of the TV :

  • At the top of the screen displays the message «S»;
  • The frequency of a station is received with an antenna input is 475.25 MHz;
  • Color system SECAM L for France or PAL BG to other Western European countries ;
  • The volume is set at 25 % of maximum , the other parameters of sound and image - at 50% .

In the 5DAM locked modes: sleep timer , parental lock , blue background, hotel , auto ( when there is no video IDENT for 15 minutes ) , skipping unwanted channels ,
Autosave preferences .
To enter the service mode on the main board SDAM chassis short jumper between a 9631 and 9641 , and then turn on the TV switch. After the image appears on the screen (Fig. 1) , break the connection between the 9631 and 9641 bridges
Note . Must be borne in mind that when a jumper 9631 and 9641 , off short-circuit protection circuit 8 V.
Fig . One of the following symbols mean ;
LLLL - counter hours of operation ;
AAABCD XY - software version number ,
S - service mode indication SDAM;
ERR - Error buffer that stores the last five error codes ;
XXX- bytes options ;
CLEAR - reset the buffer error ( reset must select this line and press the cursor button "Right" );
OPTIONS - Position submenu options bytes ;
Battery - enable ( 1) or off (0) dark current control scheme ray tube ;
TUNER - submenu tuner ;
WHITE TONE - Balance beloyu ,
GEOMETRY - submenu adjust the image geometry ;
AUDIO - submenu adjust the audio settings
To navigate the service menu using the cursor buttons SDAM remote " up / down ". The selected line becomes brighter . Activates the selected submenu ( set values ??) happens when you remote control cursor buttons " left / right"
If mode SDAM click MEMJ, you can go to the user menu ( the regular menu for setting parameters) . To return to press the SDAM
OSD / STATUS on the remote. To return to the previous menu A submenu press the MENU button on the remote control .
To save the settings , press the service mode SDAM STANDBY button on the remote control.


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