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Consider the hardware and software adjustments chassis L01.1E AA.
Hardware chassis adjustment LOI.IE AA
Adjust the accelerating voltage Vg2
1. SDAM activate service mode and it is selected submenu WHITE TONE.
2 . Sets the value of NORMAL RED, GREEN and BLUE equal 40.
3 . Pressing the MENU button returns to the user menu and set the minimum contrast and brightness ( to OSD image was barely visible).
4 . Returns to SDAM using the MENU.
5 . Connected to the antenna input of the TV test signal generator and the signal " dimensional field ." Length adjustment control connected oscilloscope ( 1:10,0,2 ms / div ) to one of the kinescope cathodes .
6. Variable resistor Screen ( lower on TDKS ) establish a constant voltage from zero to the blanking level ( horizontal platform horizontal blanking ) equal to 160 ± 4 V.
Adjusting the focusing voltage
1 is connected to the antenna input of the TV test signal generator and the signal "grid" .
2 . Press the SMART PICTURE on the remote control mode is selected image or NATURAL MOVIES.
3 variable resistors Focus ( on top TDKS ) achieve optimum focus on the entire screen.

Software chassis adjustment L01.1E AA

These adjustments are performed in service mode SDAM. These include:
Х Installation options bytes (submenu OPTIONS);
Х adjustment of the toner (submenu TUNER);
Х White Balance (sub menu WHITE TONE);
Х geometry adjustment (submenu GEOMETRY);
Х adjustment of the audio path (submenu AUDIO).

Installation bytes options

Enter the service mode and it SDAM choose and activate the line OPTIONS. You should see the image (Fig. 2) .
Altogether there are seven bytes options OP1 OP7 Setting values ??of these bytes you can configure specific model tuner type , region, sound processor modes , possible broadcasting system presets and SMART PICTURE SMART SOUND, stereo / mono , etc.
Table 1 shows the fixed values ??of bytes of options for different TV models . Required options byte values ??set with the cursor keys " left / right " on the remote. New values ??are stored after the previous menu


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