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geometry adjustment

To adjust the image geometry to the antenna input of the TV test signal fed " net field" in a color system PAL / SE CAM 475.25 MHz frequency and magnitude of 1 mV . Set picture mode NATURAL, enter the service mode and it SDAM activate string GEOMETRY.
The options available in this submenu , and their default values ??are shown in Table 2

Adjusting audio path

In the sub-menu to adjust the AUDIO available two parameters :
Х AF M - sound quality setting , the default value is
A2T - setting the threshold decoder standard A2, the default value is 25.
Setting up the TV
On the concept and circuit boards are given a reference point for configuring and troubleshooting .
Waveforms of the control points ( shown on TV ar . XI. Checkpoints are marked depending on the functional blocks belonging to the TV :
A1- A19 - a reference point for the audio path , C1- NW - reference points for control unit and the front panel ;
F1-F5 - a reference point for vertical deflection ; 11-16 - checkpoints the IF ; L1-L10 - a reference point for the line scan ; P1 to P7 - a reference point for the power supply ; S1-S4 - a reference point for timing loops , V1 -V16 - reference points for the video card and the picture tube .
TV may be in the following service modes:
Х service mode by default;
Х service mode settings ;
Х service user mode .
Consider in more detail these modes .

Service mode by default

This mode is used for:
Х Fault indication via LEDs on the front panel ;
Х Position control options ,
Х control buffer errors.
Enter the service mode by default :
Х on the remote control RC7150 service , press the DEFAULT;
Х on the OEM remote control , press the MENU, and then injected into a digital sequence
062,596 ;
Х Short pin. 20 microprocessor 7600 to common during start up. After turning on the TV bridge may be removed .
To exit the service mode, the default switch
the TV to standby mode . If you just turn off the power , then after power television will again be in service mode.


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