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When power is turned off or out of service mode buffer errors TV cleared.
When you install the service mode by default adjustment
installed in the following provisions:
Х Colour system PAL / SECAM,
Х receiving frequency 475.25 MHz,
Х Volume - 25% ;
Х Brightness, contrast , tone , etc. - 50%
Х ignored the timer , " blue background " auto-off , mode "Hospital" and "Hotel" , the child lock , personal settings , missed and blocked channels.
In service mode, the default screen displays the following information ( see figure ) :
Х LLLL - time TV in hexadecimal format ;
Х L90 BBC XY - chassis name and version number of the software;
Х SDM (Service Default Mode) - indication of the service mode by default;
Х OP Value (Options Code) OB1 .. 0V7 - byte values ??of options ;
Х ERR - the last five specific errors . Newer values ??are located to the left .
Buttons MENU UP (Pt-) and MENU DOWN (P-) used to select the service mode , and the buttons MENU LEFT (VOL-) and MENU RIGHT (VOL +) - to change the value of options .

Service mode settings (SAM)

Service configuration mode is used to adjust the channel selector modes , white balance settings and raster geometry sound adjustment . To display the setting mode designation SAM (Service Alignment Mode) in the upper right corner of the screen .
Entering the Setup Mode :
Х press the ALIGN on the service console RC7150;
Х Simultaneously press the CHANNEL DOWN button and VOLUME DOWN on the keyboard while the TV when the TV is in service mode SDM.
Pressing these keys will return television service mode SDM;
Х press the numeric buttons on the remote in the following sequence : 062 596 , then press the OSD with the remote control.
Exit SAM is the same as the mode of SDM. When you exit the settings and turn off the power fault buffer is not cleared. Saving the options occurs when you exit the menu.
In service mode, there are four SAM menu (see below). Control buttons in the same mode as the mode SDM.


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