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possible faults

error codes that are fixed diagnostics TV

If no errors are random in nature , before starting repair work , clean the buffer errors (see service mode SDM) is also necessary to carefully examine the contents of the entire buffer errors because some errors may simply be a consequence of other errors, and not a malfunction. Error codes , their causes and remedies
are shown in Table . 3 .

Fault TV using LEDs on the front panel

If there is no image on the TV screen contents of the buffer can be read errors with the indicator on the front panel . When entering into SDM indicator will blink the number of times that corresponds to the last error number
(Table . 3).
Using the service controller can read the contents of the entire buffer errors. To display the second error code must consistently to press buttons DIAGNOSE, 2 , OK,
Third - DIAGNOSE, 3 , OK , etc.

Repair line scan

Check for voltage on the capacitor 140 in 2551 (A1).
If no voltage , disconnect the coil 5551 . Thus, the main circuit line scan will be disabled.
If the voltage appeared - faulty line scanning .
Possible reasons are:
Х faulty transistor 7460 ;
Х faulty elements providing mode transistor 7461 ;
Х no lower impulses from the pin. 40 GPU 7250
(A4 ) to the output stages of line scanning .
If the short-circuit transistor 7460 from SP will hear a distinctive clicking sound .
To determine which part of the line scan has failed ( or output stages sweep distortion correction circuit ) , disconnect the jumper and set jumper 9465 9461 .
In this case, the distortion correction is disabled If the raster appeared ( with parabolic distortions)

  • Faulty correction circuit . If no raster - a fault in the output stages of the line scan .

In a 26 - and 29 -inch CRT (non-standard equipment ) correction schemes available.

Repair Power Supply

Troubleshooting should start by checking the voltage on the capacitor 11.5 in 2561 . If no voltage , check the fuse and diode 1572 6560 . If these items are correct, go to the primary circuit verification IP .


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