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Western Europe use different filters in 1002 and 1004 in chains video processing and audio (QSSD - Quasi Split Sound Demodulation). for
Eastern Europe in 1003 used one filter for both signals (intercarrier demodulation).

Events leading to the protective mode

Part of the events leading up to the TV switches to protection mode , controlled by a microprocessor :
beam current limiting - MP measures the beam current during flyback Vertical .
If the current exceeds 75 mA , the microprocessor switches the power supply in standby mode ;
bus protection l * C - when determining fault in bus MP switch power supply in standby mode.

service mode

For configuring and troubleshooting service provides 3 - mode is the default mode , setting mode and user mode . In addition, possible to repair the TV using a special interface to the computer (ComPair), which in this article is not considered.

Service mode by default

This mode is used in the following cases :
Х To set the TV mode , providing values ??of the measured signals , set forth herein ;
Х to ignore short-circuit protection for the output DTC using LEDs on the front panel.
When you switch the TV to the service mode by default set the following settings:
Х tuner frequency :

  • 475.25 MHz for PAL / SECAM; -61,25 MHz for NTSC;

Х levels of brightness , contrast, saturation , tone - 50%;
Х volume - 25%
Х Disables impeding adjustment : timer, child lock , blue background mode hospital / hotel , auto power off , personal settings .
Enter the service mode by default can be done in two ways:
Х Using the remote control enter the code 062596 and then press MENU;
Х close the jumper 9631 and 9641 ( close to common pin.
73 MP) , and then turn on the power . After power jumper can be removed.
Warning with jumper ignored on protection circuit 8 B, which can cause damage to the TV .
To display the service mode by default in the upper-right corner of the screen displays a message SDM (service default mode), and at the bottom - the last five errors detected .


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