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To switch between the service menu and the regular menu , use the button MENU. Button OSD / STATUS shows / hides buffer errors. To move from the service mode by default in service mode the setting may need to hold down the
VOL-UME_DOWN CHANNELDOWN and on the front of the TV for a few seconds . To exit the service mode
you need to switch the TV to standby mode . If you just turn the power off when you turn on the TV power will again be in service mode. When you exit the service mode, the fault buffer is cleared.

Service mode settings

To enter the service mode setting, you need the remote control to enter the code 062596 and then press the OSD / STATUS. In service mode settings on the TV screen displays the following information :
LLLL - time television hours , while in standby mode is not taken into account ;
AAA - chassis number (L01);
In - region (E - Europe , A - Southeast Asia , U - North Africa , L - Latin America );
C - options (D - DVD, F - full teletext, M - mono , T - one teletext page );
D - number of language;
X - the major version number ,
Y - the minor version number ;
SAM (Service alignment mode) - Display service mode settings ;
ERR XX - error detection codes , later errors are located to the left ;
XXX - seven codes of options ;
CLEAR - clear error . To erase press the cursor right ;
AKV (auto kmc bias) - automatic black level offset ( 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled );
TUNER - Tuner ;
WHITE TONE - setting the tone of white ;
GEOMETRY - correction of raster
AUDIO - audio setting
Menu navigation and selection values ??are carried out with the cursor keys . To exit the service mode, you need to switch the TV to standby mode

Service User Mode

This regime is a " read-only " and is used to determine the status of the TV (for example, in the case of telephone conversations with the service ) .
TV switches to this mode by holding both the MUTE button on the remote control or any buttons on the front panel for 4 seconds. For you turn the mode, press any button on the remote control , except the buttons select the channel or adjust the volume .


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