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Fault TV using LEDs on the front panel

If there is no image on the TV screen contents of the buffer can be read errors on the LED on the front panel . When entering into SDM LED will show the contents of the error buffer , wherein:
Х long pulse (about 750 ms ) corresponds to the tens ;
Х between tens and units pause - 1.5 s ;
Х short pulses correspond to the units ;
Х pause between error codes - 3 ;
Х After all the errors indicating LED lights for 3 seconds and the procedure is repeated .
If the TV is in protection mode the LED will flash at a frequency of 3 Hz .

Typical malfunctions TV and remedies

TV will not turn on , the power supply emits intermittent sounds

Х Unplug the coil 5561 (A1). If the sounds of BP terminated - a problem with the power supply circuit 95 to the channel (Main Supply). The most likely reason - the output stage fault line scan ( A2.7402 ) .
Х Check signal Stdby con - overload protection when in a standby mode and the signal has a low level , and during normal operation - high (3.3 V ), and the serviceability of the optocoupler 7515 ( A1).

TV will not turn on , extraneous sounds can not be heard

Check the supply voltage on the pin. 8 IC 7520 (A1) - it should be about 300 V.
If the voltage is normal , check the output circuit of the inverter: CONCLUSIONS. 6 7520 - 3523 resistor - transistor gate 7521 .
Warning: when measured at the gate of the transistor 7521 must be careful .
Before measuring device is grounded . The measuring device must have a high input impedance .

PSU emits intermittent sounds through 8 is disabled

LED on the front panel indicates the error code 5 . Since this error occurs when the error signal and Reset in protecting the chain +8 , first check the voltage of 8 V. If it is not , check the transistor and zener 7408 6420 (A2).

image on the screen - only on the lower half of

Sound normal, error code 3 . Check voltage ± 13 V at 7471 amplifier (A3). If the voltage is normal , check the chain of transmission of the sawtooth generator : CONCLUSIONS. 16.17 MP - Resistors 3244.3249 ( A6) - Resistors 3474,3479 (A3) - pin. 7.1 amp 7471 .


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