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one color or one dominated by the image of the primary colors

Check for RGB signals on pin. MP 56-58 . Check the chain passing through respective signal amplifiers on the board to the CRT cathode. If there is no signal at the cathode of kinescope kinescope fee removed from the base If the amplifier output signal appeared - defective picture tube .

observed on the TV screen video noise

Menu is displayed correctly. Error Code 11 - tuner does not work (1000) . Check the voltage on the pin. tuner : +5 V on pin. 6 and 7 , in 34 - on pin. 9 (VT Supply). In the absence of stress in check circuit 34 : diode 6423 - Resistors 3428 , 3427 (A2) - Zener 6001 (A4).

Black and white image on the screen, the sound is distorted or missing

Incorrectly set the color system . Press MENU, INSTALL, MANUAL STORE correct value SYSTEM.

image is too bright or too dark

Switch the service mode by default , or press the SMART PICTURE on the remote.
Adjust the brightness / contrast . New personal settings are saved automatically.

white lines around the text or image

Exaggerated sharpness (SHARPNESS). Switch the service mode by default , or press SWART PICTURE on the remote control and adjust the sharpness. New personal settings are saved automatically.

No sound

11roperyayut passing through the composite video filters 1003 ( 1004 ) , the presence of stereo audio - on pin. 33, and the mono signal on the pin. 48 MP. Check the power UMZCH 7901 (7902) , the potential on the line Volume_Mute, suitable to the amplifier.


TV Video two Philips

14PV111/01, 14PV415/01, 14PV203/01, 14PV460/01. TV-VCR 2002-14 "
Range (Z11) Chassis.
Enter the menu service : Within 5 seconds, push STAND / BY, then the code 2,7,1, MUTE, and finally STAND / BY.


TV Video two Philips 14PV425/07, 14PV225/01.

Z12 chassis .
Enter the service mode -
There are two options :


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