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Option one :
Entering service marks of standby . Need synchronous pressing (PLAY) button on the TV and (STOP) on the remote control , hold with approximately 10 seconds.
The second variant
entry into service mode: 2-7-1 and mute button during 5 seconds.
Entering the option key STATUS / EXIT, then reset the program PAUSE and 5 options should swap . Exit from service STANDBY
Options set 0179 .


TV Philips 15PFL4122, it is necessary to remove the lock code .

TV Philips 15PFL4122 familiar fingers would he pootryvat , lock code introduced respectively forgot it completely, and now in the setup menu can not get .
Prompt how to remove it. Recommend 0000 and 1234 , not podoshli.Vse 0741snyalos code .
In the service menu and entered the code 062596 .


TV PNILIPS -20PFL4102S/60, LC4.1EE chassis.

Came to a malfunction (no red color ) . When dismantling was typical fault in the power supply capacitors dried up . All capacitors shift, all the forums on this read , I knew initially that this is a problem in the firmware . The question is how to enter service , service manual download for this chassis , but there's only service ports , which should close the legs to go to the menu .
Composition tv ; LC4.1EE AB chassis. UPS and Inverter : DAC-12M019,
Processor : TDA15021H1/N1C91, Motherboard : 3139 123 60192 .
page manual tenth LC4.1E:
To enter SDM, use one of the following ways :
• Press the following keys on the remote upravleniyakod " 062596 " , then press MENU .
In the service menu adjustment of red added to 190 , it was 22 , 180 green , 190 blue. All earned .


TV Philips 21PT5606/58 L01.1E AA, geometry settings .

Ingredients: processor TDA9565H/N1/5/1118, sound processor MSP34110.
What could be ... on geometry in the SAM settings , no options some horizontal , ie amplifier and a parabola.
There are only in the settings HB, HP, HSH, ie HAM and EWP parabola - there is no such . The manual for the chassis, they have , and why no TV ?


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