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Yaytsevatoe image ( see the edge ) ... Firmware changed , to no avail.
If EW- shnyh settings not - in Byte 3 = 249 convergence
(EW_FUNCTION = ON)- OR37 then - EW-FUNCTION, if set to 0 , then put 1 , the memory is not in vain FIG callous , but if kinescope 90 - then you're poking around in vain !


TV Philips 29PT8639, the setup menu is not on the program.

Ingredients: A02E chassis.
In the menu comes , but not on the menu settings on the program and the country. You can enter once through servise; personal; dealer optionc; yes; uirgin mode; store. Disable , configure , then go out again only through the service .
There again uirin mode no cost. No user instructions . Remote control with buttons separate navigation , how to be?
Take control IAC , dial 1264, there menu both + SHIFT.
And what is necessary to press the second button on the remote control standard ?
Entering the settings menu - press two buttons at once, you will find pictures consoles.

TV Philips 29PT8641/12 Chassis ES1.E AA. Log into the service menu.

Ingredients: Processor PNX3002E/N404, tuner JV1316E / A, TDKS 13720130A ,
Which input into the service menu Philips 29PT8641/12 SES1.EAA chassis. Trying to go with a remote service: prompt press the button to 062,596 and a menu button . Appears allegedly service menu , but there is something to change this, I can not understand , enter option does not work. On the unit after the change TDKS size must be reduced.
Hit it in the menu by pressing the button and 062,596 MENU, displayed , I think, the firmware version string lights green OSD and below the line with errors, erase , unplug it, turn again , dial 062 596 and press MENU, error 13 and remains on way it is impossible to move , unable to log in options
Read in the manual and 062,596 menus just tried 062,596 + button i, everything turned out.


Philips 42PFL5603D/12 TV mode only SDM included .

Composition of the main board : the microprocessor NXP PNX8541E1/2414, EEPROM 25P05VP, Flash NAND512W3A2CN6, buffer RAM CY2305s, RAM E2516AEBG, TDA 9898V2, Tuner TD1716F/BHXP-3, TDA 10048HN, ISP1564HL, AD8197A, sound TDA8932BTW, BU7988KVT,


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