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The problem follows. When connecting a TV relyushki he clicks on the power indicator lights up in white and turns off after 30 seconds. On the remote does not respond when pressing the power button on the TV itself happens all the same as when the unit into a power outlet . When translating it into SDM mode ( by bridging contacts on the main board and power connection ) connects the TV and works fine until until you press the power button on the unit. Going into the service mode , found MPEG4 enabled . Attempts to change anything in the service mode fails. Settings are not saved after power off. I think the reason for this behavior is in the firmware .
Or how to spend the initialization if it is possible on this TV ? Service Manual I found just googled question incorrectly asked . The question in the following. Judging by the prices for a manual reset to factory settings with the combination 062598 "menu" of 132 SDM mode in my case . After performing this procedure the TV goes into standby mode . In the menu there are 48 errors errors and 38. The service manual is not found a description of these errors.


Video two

TV PHILIPS 21PV548 \ 58 hotel mode .

Ingredients: microprocessor TDA9561PS \ N1 \ 3 \ 0412 in the setup menu on the TV is not included , tried to enter the service menu by pressing STOP on the remote control and front panel START simultaneously , but the service is not included. How to enter service or hotel?
Epsilon chassis of the device in 2001 . Push the button on the remote with a key ( to the right and above the buttons P +) and hold for about five seconds. Protection of children must be turned off . The manual is written .

STOP on the remote control first, then PLAY on the panel and wait five seconds.
Removing hotel mode - 38 program dial , press the STOP button on the remote control and the STOP button on the panel in front of the character to the H .


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