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Video two TV PHILIPS 21PV340/01 DK, SECAM

Ingredients: processor TDA9560PS/N1/3/0411
Log into the service menu, I found , click "stop" on the remote and holding , press on tv "play" 5-7 seconds until there is a service menu, with options to help their therein 7 three-digit value 102 063 127 048 204 018 047 , who what to change?
Change the surfactant, which is worth around 9560 , at the K2950 filter or equivalent , puts SFE6, 5 parallel 5.5 in service come in, it is changed to code 58 code model and have become the sound is good and the menu in Russian , color or SECAM change of the video or the converter.
SAW replaced immediately upon the first opening unit , SFE on the board found , and where in the service menu code , which you need to change the model 58 ?
SAS does not necessarily change , it is necessary to replace the region of 58 , tested
133566 - 01
133567 - 58
000130 - 01
000131 - 58
000158 - 01
000159 - 58
Found a hint yesterday in the net that you need after the changes are made and disconnect from the network , necessarily closed ionistor ( 2909 ) to his discharge . Where is it? still need to pokopatsya telly when I go in next . every village after recovery. Diagram of the device is not found , so I work directly with a live model . And it is necessary to replace the op . 048 to 053.
About Clear EEPROM - I've done it immediately after the change of option values ??and not responding unit to these changes . Ionistor existents only processor circuits with TMP, and in this model TDA9560PS/N1/3/0411 and 31 output no ionistory not. But I'm "stupid " peremknulo this conclusion on the case when the unit is switched off from the network and - oh wonder , then when you connect to the Manual setting seemed selection standard. Incidentally , Tv entrance into the service menu on the 38 program does not fail.


TV PHILIPS 29PT8842S/60 L04A AD,

go into the service menu can not.
Ingredients: Chassis L04A AD, Processor : TDA12010H1/N1B51, Memory: 24SO16 , UV 1356A I G- 3 , Tuner: 3139 147 16481A .


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