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Service Mode: Short-circuit test points M30 and M31. Exit: TV MODE.


Switch on the operating mode and dial on the remote (TV) (I) (STOP) (TV) (I) (STOP). Output: (STANBY).

PHILIPS Shassis EM2E 29 PT9007/58 ()

Log into the service menu during operation from the native console quickly enter 062596. In the lower right corner of the word DILER. Press the (i +).

PHILIPS CHASSIS FL1.10. 25PV7505 25SL550, 33PT700A/712A.

Mode SERVICE DEFAULT MODE - closed point S24 S25, are located on the SSP.
With the remote control press (MENU) (Blue)
(Red) (MENU +) (MENU OFF)
2. To activate SERVICE MODE jumper test points S23 and S24, located on board SSP. Yield: STAND-BY

Service mode TV PHILIPS chassis L01.1E AA

TV chassis company PHILIPS L01.1E AA has already been considered in our magazine (see "Repair & Service", № 10, 2004). Continuing the theme of the service we offer to meet with the regime of the chassis and to master its hardware and software adjustments.
TVs collected chassis L01.1E AA, can be translated into the following service modes:

  • Leveling service is the default mode (SDAM);
  • Client service mode (SSM).

Service mode SDAM serves the following purposes:

  • The creation of integrated systems of all nodes for chassis

Measurement of electrical and chassis settings;

  • Blocking protection schemes;
  • Start the procedure for flashing LED


  • Set of options;
  • Display / clear the buffer error codes;
  • Alignment settings.

SSM service mode for adjustments chassis is not used and its options are read-only.
SDAM service mode sets the following TV mode:

  • At the top of the screen displays the message "S";
  • Frequency of station reception with the antenna input of 475.25 MHz;
  • Color system SECAM L for France or PAL-BG to other countries in Western Europe;
  • The volume set at 25% of maximum, the other parameters of sound and image - at 50%.

While SDAM locked modes: a sleep timer, parental lock, blue background, hotel, auto (when no video signal IDENT for 15 minutes), skipping unwanted channels, autosave personal settings.


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