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part of PIONEER PDP-R04E.
After removing the cover of the receiver to the panel both LEDs are illuminated.
Enter the service mode : press info on the remote , four
sec. left, then upwards, then the left and right, and finally
power on.
Moving through the menu : mute. Reach submenu initialization -
final setup-yes-enter.
Not to forget then HDMI on exhibit.


TV Pioneer PDP-503PE (HDE) plasma .

Enter the service mode - press the button Enter, info, 0 .
Consistently pressed when the TV on standby.


TV Pioneer PDP-4280XD, as the operating time to learn ?

Log into the service menu should be there .
In standby mode, push "Display" key, hold 4 seconds ,
then push the button "Left", then "Up", then "Left",
then "Right", and "Power" in the next 6 seconds. navigation
Press "Left", "Right", "Left", "Up", "Mute".



chassis S0807T, Processor
TDA9351PS/N2/2I1475 UOC POLAR 3.0, tuner KSH146EA, memory
24C08W6, SEKAM, DK
Entering the service menu: on-chip remote terminals 3 9 3010
1 and 15 . Exit : TV.



TDA9351PS/N2/2I1475, brains 24C08, SECAM. PAL, tyunerKS -H-146EA
Entering the service menu: push status , then menu , and then
myute and last - off mode .
Exit button av / tv.



in the settings menu is not included , as the number buttons 0 - 9ne work .
of all drivers , tried by me, okay none
approached .
Entering the service menu (vol-) + (displey) on the remote .
After a brief experiment with the programmer has calculated
location of cells for LOCK OFF and PASS OFF responsible .
cell is 005 and 083 respectively , password nahoditsyav cells
024C, 024D, 024E.


TV POLAR 5101, 3701, 5401 .

Entering the service menu: TV translate mode attendant
on the remote control RC0201 press MUTE button and turn on the TV mode working .
Removal of the castle :
If the code is forgotten, in the " function " mode "Castle" to choose


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