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No, it's the display or info
Problem was solved . This TV has a mode NOCHNIK.V this mode, the screen shines one of the colors . Switched off in the user menu.


TV POLAR 54CTV3165 entrance into the service menu .
processor TDA9341-EA3M (P070718) - BIS , BP - CQ0765RT, memory - 24S08A , personnel - STV9302, tuner - ET-5EE-, K04zvuk - AN17823A. Chassis not know. After elimination of the sea nepropaev TV earned , but the white balance is upset . Enter the service menu polarovskimi ordinary ways comes out.
Connect the TV to the operating mode , the native remote control to press consistently [MENU] button and the number buttons 6483 .
3 . The display shows there «FACTORY».
4 . Secondary consistently push [MENU] button and the number buttons [ 6483 . Menu appears «B / W BALANCE».




, input service menu.
Came to repair the unit SHARP 21E2-RU ( MCS M27A chassis or J143M), in which instead of the native craftsmen processor installed processor POLAR TV version 4.2 , of course, by default, all service settings .
must somehow find yourself in service to at least set up the geometry , the board has specific checkpoints to enter the service menu , but they are now the volume increase in the plus and other buttons on the " face " also function from the bulldozer .
On-board remote from ordinary m / c IC1 bridged legs 3 and 9 , 1 and 15 , in turn , " tried Rubinovskii control ( he smacks funaevsky ) there was INA3010D, but her conclusions and bypassed.


Service TV POLAR 54CTV3150

Chassis -SS2, processor CH08T0934, memory 24C08, video processor TB1238.
Get into the service menu can thus :
1. put the volume equal to "O". ( certainly ) 2. push button on the remote "MUTE" 3 . Holding the button "MUTE", push "MENU" button on the front panel of the TV . 4 . On the screen in the right hand corner shine letter "D", and in the left corner of the parameter will be controlled and its value .
5 . Pages menu change button "CAL" Translation settings performed the red and green buttons on the remote blue field . Modification of parameters is done on a blue field yellow and blue buttons. Note : Do not change the value without the need of other parameters , it could plunge to a loss of the factory settings .


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