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To avoid the loss of the factory settings would be good to first record the values ??of all parameters on a piece of paper to get to resurrect the factory settings in case of their loss . "





Ingredients: processor M30300SAGPModel: PLYM01
Rev: REV04
processor M30300SAGP
Code: RHPB-10294D
block wells : TAUM-W101D 608B0912
RAM: K4D263238F-UC50
Flash: A29040BL-70F
Changed the matrix , it is necessary to adjust the RGB .

Log into the service menu : double-click and display one line.



The composition of the board - the processor TDA9381PS/N3/2/1831 CE6691 PIT36,
Manpower chip -STV9302, Tuner - LINGHUA BXATB138 ---- S
TDL-3N4G, Shim - 5Q0765RT, ULF - AN17821A,
Fee for ROLSEN similar menu under LG styled . Similar inscriptions on the chassis number is not found on the board.
entrance into the service menu : from the remote user : push button [MENU], the on-screen menu "Image" will appear. Push button digital [6] , then [4] , then [ 8] and [ 3] on the remote control .
In order to service menu M1 ~ M4 enter , digital push buttons on the remote . To enter the service menu M5 ~ M0, should first click the button [CALL] to exit the menu M1 -M4 , the letter M appears on the screen , then press the button consecutively [LOCK] ( Figure suitcase with handle ) and one of the buttons digital [5 ] ... [ 9] or [0] to enter the menu M5 ~ M0. If you are in a menu M5 ~ M0 are, then another jump menu can be carried out without pressing the button [LOCK], but only the digital buttons .


TV PRIMA TS- 2978 ,

necessary input into the service menu and service settings .
Ingredients: processor OM8373PS/N3/A, on paper 8373 - 1516M1 , memory TU24C08CPF

chassis P0606CU-F
line personnel transistor D1556 chip STV9378 VLF sound AN17821A remote KJ-YH9341 tuner CXEL VS1-1A5BG1


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