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Was the upper diode modulator and field researcher broken here (IRF630) in the chain raster correction after changing the diode, but with all the covered Polevikov earned , but was upgraded marker horizontally. Owner field researcher himself and changed in AUX A / V connector stuck in near memory , they are the same , after that the sound was gone , and the small size horizontally , but the sound from the processor goes to the switch (HEF4052BR). Firmware is not sought . In the service went there a hidden button on the remote , but there does not work correctly go to ADJUST.
Correct entry into service -menu, and the code 6483 and then in
ADJUST MOvse to adjust the size and the sound is connected in M.2 ..



TV PRIMA, model TK2153

service menu.
Composition M2153 chassis -
TDA9381PS/N3/2/1831 PIT36 CE6691 processor
HR -STV9302
Tuner - LINGHUA TDL-3N4G BXATB138 ---- S
ULF - AN17821A
PSU - 5Q0765RT
Fee spilled ROLSEN,
Voytis user console : push button [MENU], the on-screen menu there "Image ." to press the numeric buttons on the remote 6483 . In order to squeeze into the service menu M1 ~ M4, to press the numeric buttons on the remote.
To enter the service menu M5 ~ M0, must first push button [CALL] to exit the M1- M4 , on the screen there the letter M , then consistently push button [LOCK] ( Figure suitcase with handle) and one of the digital buttons [ 567890 to enter the menu M5 ~ M0. If you are located in some of the menu M5 ~ M0,
then move to another menu can be done without pressing the button [LOCK], but only with the numeric keys .


TV PRIMA, model W2933, enter the service menu .

Composition of the TV processor 8827CSNG4UU7 Toshiba-A70WP1.
ULF -AN5277
Audio processor NJW1166L
memory 24LC08B
video processor M52797SP, AV input HEF4052BP.
The volume decreased to "0". Stick it on the panel and press sync "display " on the remote control .


LCD TV Prolodgy HDTV-700WNS, how to enter the service menu.


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