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Processor TDA9351PS/N2/2I1185 TELRA, tyunerTEDE9 -226A.
1. Enter the service mode: on the unit "V-" and the remote
button " to the watch three dashes" . Exit menu - button TV.
In the event of a change in memory TV service by the first method
Excluded - child is prevented, by operating the button panel ,
even if with the same firmware telly . To enter the service
must jumper KEYB output (№ 5) on the connector on SERVISE CONN
weight for one sek.Posle this in memory when necessary
initsilizirovat , then you can move on to the regulations . In
episode, if not initialized memory settings correctly
adjust impossible.




processor - TDA9384PS/N3/2/1615 CH05T1625
PSU - 5Q1265RF
sound - TDA8944
HR - TDA8350Q.
Needs service, or at least the chassis number .

Issue is resolved .
This is one of the variations of the CH -16 chassis .
Log into the service menu : the volume set to 0 on the remote , press MUTE, on the local keyboard - MENU.


Rainford TV5182 TV chassis G80.190

. Log into the service menu.
Ingredients: microprocessor -SDA555XFL, memory - 24C08, video processor - STV 2249C, HR - TDA8174AW, Sound -TDA2822.
Was such a combination : press "Menu", dial the code " 8500 " . Exit button "0".



The device did not connect to it . Memory and sews everything went . But not entirely raster on top opens and dominates red. Did it have a service menu ( adjust) , tell me please: .
Chassis - M1TRS10205 M11D - processor - M37221M4 -322SP, memory - 24S08 ,
DISPLAY - VSM " on the remote.



TV Red Star CTV 2870 S

, entrance into the service menu .
Shed from Germany , sound, respectively , BG, are unable to log into the service menu .
Combination with DEC +-VOL do with the device is not necessary.
Processor CT92195C781/MIF, video processor CTV2246H.
Connect the TV .
In paragraph MENU menu choose FEATURES.
Try code 1923 . On-screen menu will arise :


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