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To enter the service mode on the main board SDAM chassis short the jumper is 9631 and 9641, and then turn on the TV switch. After the image appears on the screen (Figure 1), break the connection between the 9631 and 9641 bridges.
Fig. 1. The image on the screen in SDAM
Note. Must be borne in mind that when the jumper closed 9631 and 9641, off-short-circuiting at 8 V.
In Figure 1, the following symbols mean:
LLLL - counter hours of operation;
AAABCD XY - the version number of the software;
S - Display service mode SDAM;
ERR - error buffer that stores the last five error codes;
XXX - bytes of options;
CLEAR - reset buffer content errors (to reset, select the row and click the cursor "to the right");
OPTIONS - submenu options that byte;
AKB - enable (1) or off (0) control scheme of dark
ray tube current;
TUNER - sub tuner;
WHITE TONE - white balance;
GEOMETRY - submenu image geometry adjustment;
AUDIO - Audio Adjustments submenu.
To navigate the service menu, use the arrow keys SDAM remote "up / down".
The selected row is highlighted. Activates the selected submenu (setting values) occurs when the remote control cursor keys "left / right".
If the mode SDAM press MENU, you can go to the user menu (the regular menu for setting parameters). To return to SDAM press the OSD / STATUS on the remote.
To return from the sub-menu to the previous menu, press the MENU button on the remote.
To save settings, service mode, press the SDAM STANDBY on the remote.
Consider the hardware and software control chassis L01.1E AA.

Hardware chassis adjustment L01.1E AA

Adjust the accelerating voltage Vg2

1. SDAM activate service mode and it is selected submenu WHITE
2 . Sets the value of NORMAL RED, GREEN and BLUE equal 40.
3 . Pressing the MENU button returns to the user menu and set the minimum contrast and brightness ( to OSD image was barely visible).
4 . Returns to SDAM using the MENU.
5 . Connected to the antenna input of the TV test signal generator and the signal "black box ."


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