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To connect the oscilloscope adjustment control (1:10 , 0.2 ms / div ) to one of the kinescope cathodes .
6. Variable resistor Screen ( lower on TDKS ) establish a constant voltage from zero to the blanking level ( horizontal platform horizontal blanking ) equal to 160 ± 4 V.

focusing voltage adjustment

1. Connected to the antenna input of the TV test signal generator and the signal "grid" .
2 . Press the SMART PICTURE on the remote control mode is selected image or NATURAL MOVIES.
3 . Variable resistor Focus ( on top TDKS ) achieve optimum focus on the entire screen.

Software chassis adjustment L01.1E AA

These adjustments are performed in service mode SDAM. These include:

  • Set bytes options (submenu OPTIONS);
  • Adjust the tuner (submenu TUNER);
  • White Balance (submenu WHITE TONE);
  • Geometry adjustment (submenu GEOMETRY);
  • Adjust the audio path (submenu AUDIO).

Installation bytes options

Enter the service mode and it SDAM choose and activate the line OPTIONS. You should see the image (Fig. 2) .

 Phillips -1 title = " Phillips - 1">

Fig . 2 . The image on the screen in bytes options
Altogether there are seven bytes options OP1-OP7. Setting the values ??of these bytes you can configure a specific model ? tuner type , region, sound processor modes , possible broadcasting system presets and SMART PICTURE SMART SOUND,
stereo / mono , etc. Table . 1 shows the fixed values ??of bytes of options for different TV models .
Required byte values ??set options using the arrow keys " left / right " on the remote.
New values ??are stored after the previous menu.

 Phillips -2 title = " Phillips -2 " >

Adjustment Tuner

This adjustment is performed only after replacing the tuner or NVRAM 7602 .
In service mode is activated SDAM line TUNER. Submenu appears on the screen , consisting of two parameters - IF PLL and AGC.
The first parameter is adjusted automatically.


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