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To adjust the AGC to the antenna input of the TV test signal fed " color bars " frequency of 475.25 MHz and 10 mV scale . To control adjustment to the pin. 1 Tuner 1000 connect a digital voltmeter . Then adjust the setting AGC ( factory setting - 28) , achieving voltmeter in the range 2.3 ... 3.8 V. To save the new value back to the main menu by pressing the MENU button and then switch the TV to standby mode .

White Balance Adjustment

In the WHITE TONE sub menu can be adjusted cutoff point kinescope cathodes . It is available to adjust your NORMAL RED, NORMAL GREEN and NORMAL BLUE.
Factory default settings are 40 (corresponding to a color temperature of 9600 K).

geometry adjustment

To adjust the image geometry to the antenna input of the TV test signal fed " net field" in a color system PAL / SECAM frequency of 475.25 MHz and 1 mV scale .
Set picture mode NATURAL, enter the service mode and it SDAM activate string GEOMETRY. The options available in this submenu , and their default values ??are shown in Table . 2 .



Adjusting audio path

In the sub-menu to adjust the AUDIO available two parameters :

  • AF-M - the sound quality setting , the default value is 300 ;
  • A2T - setting the threshold decoder standard A2, the default value is 25._

PHILIPS G88 chassis.

  • select 'sound only' mode
  • click ' teletext'i ' feature ' for 1 second

hotel - disable mode in the menu that appears .


25PT410A/42, 28PT400A/42, 28PT450A/42 ..
processor TMP47C1637. Enter the service mode is as follows. Close contacts M33 and M34 (service), and pressing the INSTALL on the front panel turn on the power switch .
You should see the message SER. To exit the service you have to press the button STANDBY. Also in these models have a service menu.
Activated by pressing VOL +, and then at the same time pressing the P +. In the second variant values ??are stored immediately . Going to the hotel mode is as follows. Turn on the TV to channel 38 and simultaneously press VOL-, P- on the front of the TV.


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