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Processor Services

1.1. Entering the service menu is possible in two ways:
A) Connect the chassis to the operating state, and plug the X760 connector for 0.25 seconds.
B) Connect the chassis to the working state, press the "SERV" key on the service panel,
Holding it, press the key "?" (On the board of an ordinary console IC1 has legs 3 and 9, 1 and 15 correspondingly).
1.2. Translations in the service mode are realized with the remote control with the buttons "CH", "CH".
Adjusting the parameters with the buttons of the remote control "VOL", "VOL".
1.3. Using the buttons "0 - 9" you can find the desired menu item:
0. IF setting 5. Color tone adjustment
1 . Change of AGC 6. Delay adjustment
2. Vertical value 7. Option setting
3. Adjustment of correction of a raster 8. Tuner adjustment
4 . Center vertically 9. Initialize CTV832 PRO
1.4. When adjusting the radio channel, you need to set the following parameters:
IFL1. 33.4
IFOF. 32
IF. 38.9 (38.0)
AG. 19
1.5. Adjustment of geometric dimensions:
HSH. Phase change
VS.Center image
VA. Vertical size adjustment
VSD. Adjustment of the accelerating voltage * (set the brightness in the middle position,
Handle the accelerating voltage to put a small glow stripe)
VSH - vertical center
SC. Vertical linearity
EW. Not used
PW. Not used
CP. Not used
TC. Not used
1.6. Color tone adjustment:
WG. green
WR. red
WB - blue
1.7. Control the installation of options and bytes: 1.8. Check the mode setting
Work of the SSC block:
OSD - 0 TEL. 153
OP1. E3 TSM. 153
BITS. 47 TSL. 045
OP3. 28 TSH. 428
OP4. FB (F0. For S0401) THE. 863
OP2. 05 TEM. 428
OP6. 04 TBM. 02
OP7. C1 TBH. 2C
OP5. 05 TBL. 01

1.9. After finishing the adjustment, press the TV button on the remote control (1 and 9 of the IC1 foot are connected),
To exit the service menu and save the data.
1.10. Setting the TV LOCK code.
In case you do not remember the secret code, in the "Function" menu, find the mode
"Lock" and hold the button "X" on the remote control for three seconds. The lock mode is set to OFF.

* * *

TV. Processor SDA2080

, models FT7182, FT7185, FT7176, FT7173, FT7174, FT7172B, FT7188, FT7186, FT7191 of UNIVERSUM and QUELLE devices. To enter the service menu, press the N1, N2 or N3 buttons briefly on the front panel of the TV.

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