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Or press the "P / C" button on the remote, and hold the pressed button on the front panel of the TV, hidden on the left in a small hole, to the left of the three buttons for setting the TV for programs for at least 8 seconds.

* * *

TV. The processor SDA30C164

is the same as the PANASONIC chassis EURO-3.

* * *

TV. The SDA3526 processor

is the same as the GRUNDIG chassis CUC1835.

* * *

TV. Processor SDA5255-A023

is the same as DAEWOO 14A5

* * *

TV. Processor SDA555XFL

is the same as LG.
The control module based on the SDA555XFL processor is one of the new developments
INFINEON Technologies with internal teletext decoder (up to ten pages) and large
Generator OSM on board, TVText Pro.
1.1. Entering the service menu is possible in two ways.
The first method is to press the code "062596 .MENU." From the console.
The second method: connect the chassis to the working state, press the button on the service panel
On the board of an ordinary remote controller in IC1, conclusions 1 and 15 are reconnected.
There will be a service mode having this form.
TIME = 00000 HOURS
1.2. Movement in the service mode is realized with the remote control buttons "CH", "CH".
Adjusting the parameters with the buttons of the remote control "VOL", "VOL".
1.3. Settings of the PRESET submenu.
Setting Setting Description
AGC 17 AGC adjustment
IF-PLL 38.9 Installation of IF
TUNER 1 (2) tuner view DT5 (KS-H-134)
TXT 245 Bytes of teletext
TXT2 096 Bytes of teletext
OSD 1.0 V * Brightness of graphics
1.4. Adjustments in the WHITE BALANCE menu.
Setting Setting Description
G 31 * Green
R 31 * Red

B 31 * Blue
S BRT 6 Preset brightness
VSD Acceleration Voltage Regulation **
C LEV 3 Maximum level of video signal on cathodes
* -Settings of adjustments, changeable when adjusting the TV.
** - Set the brightness to the middle position, place the small light of the strip with the accelerating voltage knob.

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