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1.5. Adjustments in the GEOMETRY menu.
Parameter Setting Description of adjustments
SBL 00 *
V SLOPE 31 * Centering the image
V SHIFT 31 * Centering vertically
V AMP 31 * vertical dimension
S CORR 31 * Linearity in the vertical direction
H SHIFT 31 * Phase adjustment
* - Parameter settings, changeable when adjusting the TV.
1.6. COLOR HEAT menu settings.
Parameter Setting Description of adjustments
G WARM 00 Green
R WARM 10 Red
B WARM -08 Blue
G COLD 00 Green
R COLD -08 Red
B COLD 10 Blue
1.7. After finishing the setting, press the "MENU" button on the remote control to exit the service
Menu and save the data.
1.8. Setting the TV LOCK code.
In case you do not remember the secret code, try 2 times the generic code
Access "0711".

* * *

TV. Processor SDA5521

- the same as the chassis 12.5.

* * *

TV. Processor SDA5522

- enter the service menu:
1. Press the MENU button.
2. Press the RECALL three times on the remote control. Press the MENU button to exit the pages, and exit - RECALL.
To unlock the chassis data, press and hold the DISPLAY (RECALL) button on the remote control for ten seconds.
ST6-ELAME2 - to enter the service menu, press in turn the buttons on the remote: SKIP, VOL-, FINE TUNE. To exit, press the PIC button.

* * *

TV. Processor ST6387B1

is the same as SHIVAKI STV-102.

* * *

TV. Processor ST92195

- first go to the main menu, then press on the console 4725. Parameters are found by the buttons "PROGRAM UP" "PROGRAM DOWN", and the parameters adjustment is "VOL-", "VOL +".

* * *

TV. Processor ST92195C7B

- entry into the service mode:
1. Go to the MENU
2. Press FUTURE
3. Enter the code 1923
ST92R195 is the same as SANYO chassis EB-6A.

* * *

TV. Processor STV92195

(TXT) or STV92185 (NO TXT), the chassis of the CTE-AA. Login to the service - put "program 75", press "OSD" on the remote control and "MENU" on the front panel of the TV, hold for about four seconds. The "S" symbol appears in the lower left corner of the screen.

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