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Processor Services

Exit the service: - turn off the TV.

* * *

TV. Processor TCL-M13V TMPA8809,

TCL-A19V01-TO 87CP38N-4GD1, TCL-A25V02-T0 8857CRNG5FF4, TCL-A30V02-TO 8821CRNG5JB2 is the same as the chassis of M113, M17, M28.

* * *

TV. The processor TDA12020H / N1F00

is the same as the SANYO chassis FB1-B.

* * *

TV. Processor TDA9341

- on the remote control, quickly press the "MENU" buttons and dial 6483. Transfer to the service submenus with the number buttons 1 .. 4. Exit the service - Power OFF.

* * *

TV. The processor TDA9345PS / N3 / 3/1913

is the same as the BEKO chassis E1.

* * *

TV. Processor TDA9350PS / N3 / 1I1515

- entry to the service menu - transfer TV to 75 program. Press "Display" on the remote control simultaneously and "Select" on the front panel of the TV.

* * *

TV. Processor TDA9351PS / N3 / 3 DTA1489 586E

- entry to the service menu: press on the remote: MUTE, CALL, - / -, CALL, MUTE. Exit the service with the EXIT button.

* * *

TV. Processor TDA9351 / TDA9381

(option) - you can enter the service mode in two ways:
1. Turn on the TV in working condition, press the "SERV" button on the service panel, holding it down, push the button "?" (On the board of the conventional remote control IC1, the legs 3 and 9, 1 and 15 are connected correspondingly).
2. Switch on the board in standby mode, on the ordinary remote control, press the "STATUS", then "MENU", then "MUTE", then "STBY" buttons. The service menu appears.
Moving in the service menu is realized with the buttons "CH", "CH". Adjustments of parameters - buttons of the panel "VOL +", "VOL-". Transfer from the submenu to 1 level above - with the AV / TV key ». The submenu "Key" gives the value of the password entered in the TV menu.

* * *

TV. Processor TDA9351PS / N2 / 3I,

TDQ936XPS / N2, TDQ938X / PS / N2 (CH05T0102),

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