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Simultaneously press on the remote control the Teletext button "WATCH" and "VOL-" on the front keyboard. After 2-3 seconds the TV will fit into Service Mode.

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TV. Processor TDA9381 / C346BG

- entry into the service menu: in the main menu dial the code: 6483.

TDA9381-7NA - press on the "MENU" and dial the code 8500. The selection of options - the buttons 0 - 9. It is necessary to enter the number of the necessary group of options, in addition, the group 3, 4 and 5 settings are available first. If you try to initiate other options on the screen A lock appears.
You need to enter the code "200528", then the PRESS MENU NUMBER prompt appears. In order to remove the lock code, it is necessary to hold the LOCK button on the remote for more than five seconds, and turn off the code in the appeared menu. On each program "1 ... 0" it is necessary to remove the lock (by all means!)
Instead of the native console, you can use MAK-2000, code 1172. The ERASE key outputs the TV directly to the service menu, and then also uses the number keys and "P +", "P-", "Vol +", "Vol-". Service menu - with the ERASE or STBY button or TXT - press 3 times.

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Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I0836

TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I1156 TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I0721 TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I1520 TDA9381PS / N3 / 1/1729. To enter the service menu, in the standby mode, press the "menu" button on the front panel of the TV and the "0" button on the remote control.
To remember the settings, you need to press the "TV" button and, holding it, turn off the TV from the outlet.
Remove the lock: enter the Options menu, find the Lock section, press 22, the "white button".

Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 3I0792 OICTMPH010A.

On the RC-5 remote control, connect 1-11 feet of SAA3010. The translation of the service menu pages is "Q. VIEW" of the unit's console. "OK" is memorization.

Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 3I DTA1481 "Y" D621

- enter the service menu:
Short-term the legs of the 18-24 chip of the remote control JKT T3833-02G.

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