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TV. Processor NTDA9381 / C340AG

Entering the service mode:
Press on the remote control MENU, dial the code 8500.

TV. Processor TDA9381 / C346BG

Login to the service:
In the main menu, dial the code: 6483

TV. Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I1278 VER-2.1 RU

chassis MSH-93S

TV. Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 3I0792 OICTMPH010A

On the RC-5 remote control, connect 1-11 feet of SAA3010. Switch between the service pages - Q.VIEW TV remote control. OK - Save

TV. Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 3I DTA1481 (Y) D621

Entering the service mode:
Short-term the legs of the 18-24 chip on the remote control JKT T3833-02G.

TV. Processor TDA9381PS / N3 / 3 P26NG

Install a clean 24С08, connect a TV - will appear raster. On the remote control press button 2. then press six times P-, button V + hold for 10 seconds, the service menu will appear. Exit the service - DISPLAY.

TV. Processor TDA9384PS / N2 / 3I

Entering the service menu:
Set the volume to 0, then hold down the MUTE button on the remote control, press the MENU button on the front of the TV.

TV. The chassis processor 53P4, 52E4, 53P5, 5Z59, 53P4, 5Z59

Set the volume to 0, press RECALL, press again and hold RECALL, VOL DOWN.

TV. The chassis processor 54K2, 54H6, 54H7, 52Y7

Put the volume to zero, press MENU and dial the code 6568.

TV. Chassis Processor 55P9, 53L1

Entering the service menu:
On the TV set the volume to 0, enter the MENU, dial the code 6483.

TV Chassis CTE-AA

STV92195 (TXT) or STV92185 (no TXT)
Entering the service mode:
Set channel 75, press OSD (+) on RC and MENU on the TV, hold for about 4 seconds. S appears in the bottom corner of the screen on the left.
Exit Service Mode: Turn off the TV.

TV. Chassis EX-1A4.

Model 14BM19. Processor TDQ935XPS / N2, TDA9351PS / N2 / 3I, TDQ936XPS / N2, TDQ938X / PS / N2 (CH05T0102)

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