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TV. Processor LA76931

is the same as LG.

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TV. The processor LA76936, LA76938

is the same as the SA-A chassis.

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TV. Processor LA76936DE

- the same as the chassis AC6-A SANYO.

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TV. Processor LC863532C, LC863xxx, LA76936Y, LA768xx

(grades 05, 10, 12, 18, 28,32) (A) - processors in TVs of many different chassis (say 3Y01) - variants of entering the service menu:
1. - Press the LC863324A, LC863328A, LC863320A, LC863332B FACTORY (or PROD) hidden button on the remote control, this can be lower than the SLEEP button. Still it is possible to bridge legs 2 and 13 (2 and 14, or 15, or 16) of the chip on the remote control.
2. "Volume" at the very least, press synchronously and hold the "VOL-" buttons on the TV for a while and "RECALL" (DISPLAY) on the remote control. Buttons "Timer", "MUTE" - select a submenu.
3. Press on the remote control "SKIP", "VOL-", "AFT", "- / -"). Button "PIC" - exit.
4. On the remote control, press (MENU) again (MENU), then (V. WIEV), then (MUTE), then (SLEEP). "TIMER" button - switches over different menus.
5. LC863320A-FUNAI MK11, LC863ххх + LA768хх (end 05, 10, 12, 18, 28,32) (A), Samsung SM14H4MJ is the processor of the LA76936Y 7N-58T7. On the remote control, connect legs 2 and 16 of the RCU RT2461-103 chip. Once - on the screen appears FACTORY.
The second time - on the screen appears: B / W ADJUST (changing the picture tube modes). The third time is ADJUST (geometry adjustment). The fourth time is SETUP (put options). The fifth is to leave the service.
The buttons P-, P +; Vol-; Vol + help to determine the necessary values ??in the required places.
Essential! In the ADJUST MENU, the SETUP SELECT parameter is set to "1", then the submenus 00 - 20 are opened.
6. LA76931, LA76936, LA76938 - the same as the processor SDA5522.

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TV. Processor LC863532C-55P9,

LC863532B-53l1, LC863332B 52Z6 3KD0, LC863532B-54R6, LC863532C-55K9.

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