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Processor Services

Entering into the service:
In the main menu, press the code: 8600, or 8633, or 6483

processor LC863532C-55P9, LC863532B-53l1, LC863532B-54R6

Press the "MENU" button on the remote control
To enter the menu, then enter the code "6 4 8 3" to enter the service factory settings.
In the service mode, put ENG.OPTION = 1
You can exit this mode in two ways:
1. After pushing the buttons on the remote control MENU, press the code "8 6 3 3", turn on in the "PRODUCT" mode, then play the operation (after pressing MENU, enter the code "8 6 3 3") to return to the normal state.
2. put the option in MENU03 "PROD MODE" = 0, and then press the "MENU" button from the service.

processor LC863532C-55K9

Entering the service: using the remote control button to set VOL to 0, MENU, enter the code 6568.
In the service mode, set SETUP SELECT = 1 (ENG.OPTION = 1)
Press the CALL button for 10 seconds on the remote control to depress the lock.


processor M37160M8-058FP / M37160M8H-051FP or M37160M8-063FP or M37160M8-064FP.

Entering the service menu:
In the main menu, press the code: 6483, which is equivalent to pressing the FACTORY button.
The service menu includes three sub-sections: FACTORY, B / W BALANCE, ADJUST.
Transfer between them by pressing the Factory button, or by entering the code 6483.

processor R2J10192GA-A00DD

Entering the pressure of the hidden remote control button.

ST6 - ELAME2 processor

To enter the service mode, press the buttons on the remote control in sequence: SKIP, VOL--, FINE TUNE.
To exit, press the PIC button.

ST92195C7B processor

Login to the service:
1.bring in the MENU
2. Press FUTURE
3. Press the code 1 9 2 3

TDA12063H1 processor

Login to the service:
MENU 1147

TDA9350PS / N3 / 1I1515 processor

Login to the service:
Translate TV to 75 channel. Press the Display buttons on the remote control and Select on the front keyboard synchronously.

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