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TDA9351PS / N3 / 3 processor DTA1489 586E

Entering the service mode:
Press on the remote control: MUTE, CALL, - / - -, CALL, MUTE Exit the service menu: by pressing the EXIT button.

processor TDA9361PS / N3 / 5 CF6843 54607130

Entering the service mode:
Press on the remote control: - Press the MENU button on the remote control and press the code 6483.

TDA9380PS / N1 / 1K0231 processor

Login to the service:
Synchronously press on the remote control button Teletext CLOCK and VOL DOWN on the front keyboard. After 2-3 seconds, the TV will fit into the SM.

processor NTDA9381 / C340AG

Entering the service mode:
Press the MENU button on the remote control, 8500.

TDA9381 / C346BG processor

Entering the service mode:
In the main menu, press the code: 6483

processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I1278 VER-2.1 RU MSH-93S


TDA9381PS / N2 / 3I0792 processor OICTMPH010A

On the RC-5 remote control, connect 1-11 feet of SAA3010. Translation of service pages - Q.VIEW TV remote control. OK - write down

TDA9381PS / N2 / 3I processor DTA1481 (Y) D621

Entering the service menu:
Short-term the legs of the 18-24 chip on the remote control JKT T3833-02G.

TDA9381PS / N3 / 3 P26NG processor

Install a clean 24C08, connect a TV - there will be a raster.
On the remote control, press button 2. then press 6 times P-, hold button V + for 10 seconds, a service menu will appear. Exit - DISPLAY.

TDA9384PS / N2 / 3I processor

Entering the service menu:
Set the volume to zero, then hold down the MUTE button on the remote control and press the MENU button on the front panel of the TV.

* * *

TV. Processor TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I1150,

LC863332B, TDA9381PS / N2 / 1I1246.
Entering the service menu: connect the TV to the working state, and on the remote control press the "POWER" buttons, then "MUTE", then "CALL", then "TIMER", "FACTORY will appear on the screen. Press the TIMER button" ", The first line of the white balance adjustment submenu is displayed, switching to the other line is realized with the buttons "CH", the modification of the digital value of the byte by the buttons "[b] VOL +/-". [/ B].

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