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TV. Processor LC863528A-xxxx

- enter the service mode: press "REWIEW", then "VOL-" and synchronously "REWIEW". To exit, play the operation.

Enter the service menu for LC863328-5W63, Universal remote control ma maXim code 1379, press VOL- on the TV to 0 and Title on the remote control.

* * *

TV. Processor LC863440W-52F2.

Service menu, for very lazy: press MENU simultaneously on the remote control and VOL + on the TV.

* * *

TV. Processor LC863548B

, PAXX0081 chassis. Entering the service menu: on the front panel of the TV set the volume to 0, holding "VOL-" press "DISP" (rectangle with a plus) on the remote control.

* * *

TV. The LG8993-09B,

LG8734-01E, LG8818-19A, LG8993-08B, LG8993-13D, LG8993-37B, LG8738-05C, LG8991-04B is the same as LG.

The control unit based on the LT01D 51KC is one of the newest developments.
There are two ways to enter the service menu.
First method: press the FACTORY button on the service remote control.
The second method: turn off the TV in standby mode, on the remote RC0201 press the MUTE button and connect the TV to the working state.
A service menu appears that looks like this.
Moves in the service mode are implemented with the remote control buttons "CH", "CH".
Adjustment of parameters. Buttons of the remote control "VOL", "VOL".
1.1. Adjustments to the SUB ADJUST menu.
Setting the default value
Adjustment range
Description of the parameter
SUB COLOR 6 0-18 Saturation preset
SUB CONTRAST 11 0-18 Presetting Contrast
SUB BRIGHT 7 0-18 Preset brightness
SUB SHARP 9 0-18 Preset Definition
SUB TINT 9 0-18 Preset color tone NTSC
CDL ADJUST 3 0-7 The maximum level of the video signal on the cathodes
AGC ADJUST 19 0-63 Setting the AGC
VCO ADJUST 112 (38.0MHz) 80 (38.9MHz) 0-127 Setting the IF
1.2. Adjustments in the H-V ADJUST menu.
Parameter Setting values ??Description of the parameter Adjustment range
H-SHIFT 40 Phase adjustment 00-63

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