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Processor Services

H-SIZE 32 Not used 00-63
COR-PIN 32 Not used 00-63
V-SIZE 20 Vertical Value 00-63
V-SHIFT 32 Vertical alignment 00-63
H-PIN 32 Not used 00-63
V-SLOPE 38 Image centering 00-63
V-ZOOM 36 Not used 00-63
V-SCR 7 Linearity in the vertical direction 00-63
H-TARP 32 Not used 00-63
1.3. Menu adjustments W-B ADJUST.
Setting parameters Adjustment range
VSD acceleration voltage adjustment
G 32 00-63 green
R 32 00-63 red
B 32 00-63 blue
1.4. Adjustments of the BIT ADJUSTMENT menu.
LAST POWER OFF connection of the TV set to the operating state with the "NETWORK" button
TELETEXT OFF Turns on / off the teletext mode (not used)
16: 9 OFF Not used
VIDEO 2 OFF Enables / disables the auxiliary video input
LANGUADE ALL ON Enable / disable menu languages
1.5. After finishing the setting, press the MENU button on the remote control to exit the service
Menu, and save the data.

* * *

LC863322B (53W3 4F05) + LA76810A + LA7642

(Seсam) + AN (CS) 5265 (two ULF) + 24C08.
When entering the service menu (there is a drop in the remote control, there are hidden buttons - three times pressing on one of them, and we are in the ADJUST MENU) menu sections,
Corresponding to any adjustments, in addition to geometry and something in color, were not found.

LC863328A - 5W63

One of the options for entering the service of this TV is the volume to a minimum on the panel and RECALL on the remote control. The second is the hidden button on the remote control.

LC863332A-5Z51 - ERC

21SP50 (CE2181) (similar to the FUNAI S2100PF, S2500PF) - the console: RSU21SP50.
Entering the service: using the remote control, press (RECALL (DYSPLAY)), then press (V-) and hold it for a while.
The display will show 'FACTORY'.
Repeating this operation several times will cause the 'C / B ADJUST' 'ADJUST' 'SETUP' to be displayed and return to 'NORMAL TV'.
Remove the lock - press CALL on the panel and hold it for almost a minute.
Entering the S / m 2-16 legs of CD7461CO (hidden button). With each pressure move in a circle: FACTORY - B / W BALANCE

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