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TV. The processor MC144105

is the same as the GRUNDIG chassis of the CUC5301.

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TV. Processor NTDA9381 / C340AG

- enter the service mode:
Press on the remote control "MENU", dial 8500. OM8363H / n3 / 4 - the same as SANYO.

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TV. The processor QXXAVC305P, QXXAVC568

is the same as the SANYO chassis AC6-A.

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TV. Processor SAA5290ZP / 033,

SAA5290, SAA5563PSM30053 is the same as SANYO.

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TV. The SAA5297PS / 262 processor

is the same as the ORION 28BDF TV790, the chassis 4400.
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Processor SAA5531 SAA5541:
Entry into the service menu is possible by two methods:
1. connect the TV to the working state and plug the X760 connector for 0.25 seconds.
2. connect the TV in working condition, press the SERV button on the service remote control ", hold it, press the"! "Key! "(On the motherboard board IC1 chip legs 3 and 9, 1 and 15 are correspondingly).
Moves in the service menu are implemented with the buttons "CH-", "CH". Adjustments of the parameters are realized with the buttons "VOL-", "VOL +". Using the buttons "0 ... 9", you can find the desired sub-menu. After the installation is complete, to exit the service menu and save the data, press the TV button on the remote (1 and 9 of the IC1 foot are connected).
Clear CASTLE status: In case the secret code is not remembered, in the "Function" menu find the "Lock" mode and hold the "X" button for three seconds.

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TV. The SAA5531PS / M4 / 0330,

SAA5531PS / M4 / 0329, SAA5531PS / M4 / 0657 is the same as the CTS-AA, CTS-AB chassis.
Control module based on the SAA5531 / CTV832R processor. This system can be
It is applied with all known transmission standards. In such a system, all available
Control functions are displayed on the screen in the menu image. All screen adjustments
They are controlled via the I2C bus.

The processor can have inside the built-in decoder of teletext.

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